Thales Intermediate Consultancy

Thales Intermediate Consultancy advises and supports SME entrepreneurs in international trade. Whether it concerns import or export, I am glad to be at your service. I will introduce you to the right people, set up trade fair visits, conduct negotiations with suppliers or buyers and make sure that the cooperation with your business partners and customers runs smoothly. I can do this acting as a trade agent, an external manager or an intermediary. Thales focuses on export from Europe to Russia and the Russian speaking countries surrounding it and towards the Middle East. For import, this may also be other countries. Expertise and years of experience form the basis for a right match and will ensure a successful cooperation!

External manager

Whether you lack the expertise or the capacity, you can employ Thales Intermediate Consultancy as an external manager. For instance when setting up a foreign branch or penetrating a new market. Clear mutual agreements ensure that the budget remains manageable. In close consultation I will execute your assignments and help with the communication. Throughout this process, you can count on the experience and reliability of Thales Intermediate Consultancy.


A different language and different views on doing business are elements that can stand in the way of a successful import process. Before starting with the import of materials or (semi-finished) products, it is important to be aware of all the nuances of the supplier. Thales specializes in mapping these things out and optimizes this process for you. This ensures that you overcome language barriers and cultural obstacles in an efficient manner. Thales speaks the language of your intended partner.


When you are contemplating the idea of starting with export, there are a few issues you need to consider. Thales will give you advice about the steps that need to be taken for a successful export process: for instance the preparation of your infrastructure and sufficient personnel capacity. Do you want to expand to a country you don’t have experience with yet? Using its years of experience and expertise, Thales will support you with the challenges that you will encounter.

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