About Thales

Thales is dedicated to advising and supporting SME entrepreneurs in international trade. The driving force behind this sole proprietorship is Bas Offerman; your trade agent, external manager and intermediary. Thales has experience in working with SMEs in Europe, Russia, Russian speaking countries and the Middle East. Achieving efficient communication between you, your business partners and your customers is the core business. I will bridge differences and reconcile language barriers to create a profitable cooperation together with you.

Core values of Thales

  • Flexible deployment
  • Reliability and discretion
  • Agreements on commission or fee
  • Thorough knowledge of languages
  • Cooperation between branch specialists
  • Focus on long term relationships
  • A professional that speaks the language of your business partners and customers
  • Effective bridging of differences in business culture
  • Total package to achieve effective cooperation.

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Thales Intermediate Consultancy was founded on May 20, 1997. The first years were devoted to export from the Netherlands to Russia; translating correspondence, interpreting, bridging cultural differences and working together smoothly, are the main ingredients. Since 2000, companies from England, Germany, Belgium and Italy have been added to the portfolio. Countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania have joined as well. This goes hand in hand with the transition from a traditional agency business to free communication via the internet. I considered becoming a commercial enterprise myself, but came to the conclusion that my quality is not in buying and selling. My strength is to advise and guide SMEs in the import and export process. From 2005 Thales developed into an all-round external manager that can also help you in the establishment of a foreign branch.

Knowledge and resolute tradesmanship

The name Thales is a reference to Thales of Miletus, one of the first Greek philosophers. He occupied himself with astronomy and mathematics and worked as a tradesman. At one point he was able to predict an excellent olive harvest and prior to this he bought all the oil presses. Thus Thales of Miletus became a wealthy man. Thales Intermediate Consultancy identifies with this unusual combination of knowledge and resolute tradesmanship.

Vision on entrepreneurship

All entrepreneurs are closely intertwined with their own company. Especially in SMEs, all the personal qualities and attributes in doing business are expressed. The company’s growth requires entrepreneurs to continue their development. They must regularly ask themselves whether the company can be structured better, tasks can be delegated further and have the responsibility to map out identified weaknesses. Actually, they are reinventing the manner of doing their business every day. The goal? Bring out the best in employees and keep looking at the entrepreneur’s performance and organization. By doing so, entrepreneurs can learn from mistakes and are able to seek the right advice and obtain expertise on time. A great challenge!