Trade agent

Thales acts as a trade agent, an external manager and an intermediary. The service is focused on SMEs in Europe, Russia, Russian speaking countries and the Middle East. It can represent your concerns, your demand for a (semi-finished) product, your foreign branch or the supply of your product or service. Choose Thales Intermediate Consultancy and you choose:

  • The right match between supplier and purchaser
  • Clear communication between your company, business partners and clients
  • Business visits on behalf of your company
  • Optimization of import and export processes
  • Long-term cooperation

Are you looking for an experienced trade agent, external manager or intermediary?

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External management


Thales will always strive for your company to have a long term cooperation with your suppliers or customers. I will help you to build a good relationship with your business partners and customers. If you miss the right expertise, don’t have enough time available to maintain the contacts really well or lack the staff capacity, Thales will act as an external manager. For example, to visit trade fairs, negotiate or set up your foreign branch.

International cooperation

Bridging intercultural obstacles

There are several obstacles in international trade. When the customer’s demand is explicitly mapped out, it is important to communicate this in a clear way to your supplier. This usually does not happen automatically. In addition to a language barrier, a different business approach is often involved. Thales bridges these cultural differences based on years of experience and the belief that everyone will benefit from a long and profitable cooperation.

Foreign branch

Beyond the cultural differences

Are you planning to open up a branch abroad? A sales office, a production facility or a repair workshop? Then it is very important that you are familiar with local procedures and regulatory differences. Regular site visits are necessary to monitor the situation on the spot and make adjustments accordingly. A country’s history usually determines how people interact with each other in a business setting. Thales speaks the language, will visit the branch on behalf of your company and prevent unwanted surprises.


Streamlining the communication process

When you start with the import of materials or (semi-finished) products, you first need to find a suitable supplier. After that you get in touch. Are you sure you have spoken to the right person? Has your e-mail been received in proper order? And did the recipient understand your message and was it executed well? Questions like these mean that a few extra tasks are added to the work of your purchase manager. Does he or she have the right qualities? And the time? Is your organization equipped for this? Thales will help you with this process.


Prepare your company well

Do you have a thriving business and are you considering to start with export? Thales knows that export mercilessly exposes the weaknesses of your business. I will support you in the review of this process. Is your infrastructure ready? And do you have enough people on board to effectively execute the export project? Paying attention to new potential customers is essential for the export process. Thales will advise and support you so that your export will become a profitable business!

Expanding export

Trading with other countries

You have been exporting for some time and now you are looking at other markets. In that case, however, you will come into contact with other cultures. It suddenly seems difficult to visit a trade fair by yourself and attract clients. The costs often outweigh the benefits. When you establish contacts with potential customers, the follow up and maintenance prove to be more difficult. At greater distances fewer mistakes are allowed, because extra deliveries are costly. And can you transfer the product information to your customers and motivate them to expand their assortment? Thales will support you in each of these areas.

The strength of Thales

Thales Intermediate Consultancy is able to use its expertise and years of experience to ensure a successful cooperation between companies. When you choose Thales, you choose:

  • Flexible deployment
  • Reliability and discretion
  • Agreements on commission or fee
  • Thorough knowledge of languages

Fee overview

Thales Intermediate Consultancy uses:

  • Hourly rates
  • Daily rates
  • Fixed fee
  • Agreements on a commission